some fall in love. i shatter.

Emotional Matryoshkas (#40)

In Stories Volume 2 on January 28, 2013 at 10:37 am

Chapter 1

In the image of pink flowers atop green stalks, he saw rebirth with beauty and the blossoming of love.

Pink love, green beauty, blossoming flowers; and in he stalks, atop the image of rebirth, with the saw.

Atop the green stalks, the image of rebirth in flowers: love, blossoming beauty, and he.

In rebirth, he stalks blossoming love and the green flower of beauty.

The rebirth of love and blossoming green stalks.

Green love and rebirth stalks.

Love and rebirth.


Chapter 2


I would have rewritten my entire life for you.

My entire life would have rewritten you.

Have you rewritten my life?

You have rewritten life.

Rewritten life.



Chapter 3


If you never tell me to let you go, then I’ll hang on forever.

I’ll tell you to go hang forever if you never let me on.

Forever – I’ll never let you tell me if you hang.

If you let me, I’ll hang forever.

Let me hang forever.

Hang forever.



Chapter 4


She felt a shedding of his skin, like a snake, and knew that he’d discovered a piece of his soul that even she hadn’t known existed.

Even he’d known a snake felt a piece of his shedding skin, knew that she discovered his soul… and that she hadn’t existed.

He’d discovered that she existed; she felt a piece of his shedding skin; a snake hadn’t known; and a soul knew.

A piece of a snake existed; she knew he’d felt his discovered skin and shedding soul.

A snake felt his soul; a shedding of skin, she discovered.

She felt his snake, discovered a shedding of a soul.

A snake discovered a shedding soul.

Shedding a soul.





(Credit to Elona Toska for the story concept)


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