some fall in love. i shatter.

Visions Of Penelope (#36)

In Stories Volume 2 on December 31, 2012 at 12:17 pm

She reclined upon the bed, propped against the pillows, and felt the crush of flower petals against her skin. Every surface of the studio apartment: the floor, tabletops, kitchen counter, bookcases, bed. A latticework of long and thin green stems and petals, both tightly coiled and widely blossomed, of white roses. That latticework weaved everywhere but the bed – refuge for hundreds of little petals only. Across the thin sheets and pillows, billowy and tufted like the arctic ground after the wind’s blown across the snow.

The crush of white petals. Her bare skin had longed for such a feeling for such a long time. The cling and satin feel as the pigmentation collapsed out of each thin membrane. The air was flooded in sensuality. Her long and thin fingers fanned out and spread themselves over the top of the bed, passing through the drifts. She lifted up handfuls of the flowers at a time and allowed them to trip softly downward, gently falling over her lips, her eyes, her naked breasts and thighs. Coolness slung to their satin, it transferred itself to her skin in little goose bumps that raced along her body. A smile met the sensation, her lips curving into a little crook, her light hair framing the gleam of her teeth.

The lights off, the room mostly cast blue from the moon hung upon the sky. From another corner, one she couldn’t well see, long orange and black lines trickled into her view. A handful of candles on the window ledge put out long amber reds and shadows. They warmed her, ushered away those goose bumps, and offered her a different caress. She was near buried in white roses, the pink of her lips like a beacon, a buoy against the white caps.

A noise. She opened her eyes again. There he stood, as naked as she, the man who had built this living dream for her. The man who had himself been a dream for so many years. He knelt by the foot of the bed. She felt his hand upon her body. A buoy against the white caps.

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