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The Caber Toss Society (#28)

In Stories Volume 2 on November 5, 2012 at 12:34 pm

The Caber Toss Society

A Trivia Game

Ages 21+

For 4 or More Players



The Primary Objective of the Caber Toss Society is to be the player with the greatest amount of points when all trivia questions have been exhausted.

The Secondary Objective of the Caber Toss Society is to not be the player with the least amount of points when all trivia questions have been exhausted.


Getting Ready To Play:

Every player should prepare for the game by writing 5 trivia questions and answers on 5 separate index cards. The player should indicate his or her name or initials in a corner of the card.

Trivia questions should be difficult but not impossible; not everyone should be able to answer your questions but in general, somebody should be able to.


How To Play:

Once all players are assembled around the table, each player hands his or her index cards facedown to one randomly chosen player. All questions and answers should be kept secret from all other players.

The player with the cards then shuffles the deck and flips over the top card. The player holding the cards then reads the question to the player on his or her right; should that player to the right be the author of the question, the player with the cards will then reshuffle and pull a new card.

The player asked the question then has the opportunity to answer. If the player answers correctly, a point is awarded. If the player cannot answer correctly, the question is then opened up to the rest of the players (excluding the author of the question and the reader of the question). This portion of the questioning is referred to as ‘Open Water.’ Points are rewarded or deducted according to the rules for scoring (see Scoring below). If the question cannot be answered, the author of the question loses one point.

Once all points have been earned or lost, the index card is torn in half, deposited near the center of the table, and the stack of questions is handed to the player on the right.

Play continues until all questions have been asked. The number of questions a player is asked should be equivalent to the number of players times 5 (as each player has prepared 5 questions).



If the player initially asked the question answers correctly, that player earns one point.

If the player initially asked the question does not answer correctly, that player does not earn or lose any points.

During Open Water, the first player to answer the question correctly earns one point.

During Open Water, any player that guesses an incorrect answer loses one point.

If the player initially asked the question answers correctly, the player who wrote the question does not earn any points.

If any player picks up the steal point during Open Water, the player who wrote the question earns one point.

If no player can answer the question, the player who wrote the question loses one point.

(The Caber Toss Society does not penalize players for lacking intelligence, but it does penalize players who lack tact and make the game unplayable)


Winning & Losing:

The winner of the game is whichever player has the most points at the end of the game. This person has immunity from losing the next game and also gets to choose the next location the game is to be played at.

The loser of the game is whichever player has the least points at the end of the game. If the loser has immunity from winning the previous game, then the player with the next least amount of points becomes the loser. The penalty for losing is picking up the dinner bill, the bar tab, or otherwise paying for the food and drink purchased for the game.



If you are not particularly smart, it is wise to commence any schemes that may help you win before the game even begins. If you tend to lose focus when you drink, it is wise to surreptitiously speak with your server ahead of time and request your Vodka 7s be merely 7s, or with only a splash of vodka should your fellow players suspect something. Vodka, the flavorless liquor, is your ally.

This will help you to succeed in the game and should you be attempting to impress a certain player, this will make you seem smarter and more I control.

And do be sure to sit to that person’s right so that if at no other time, this person’s attention will be devoted to you at least once per round.

Do not confide your plan to anyone – even your best friend will sell you out for the price of the game.

You will need to feign some measure of drunkenness or you will be spotted.

The winner, if employing some scheme, should say nothing of it, especially if trying to impress another. The other player will be less impressed by your cheating than by your cunning and scheming.



Q: Why ‘Caber Toss Society’?

A: Because caber tossing was the first thing to stump the entire group in the first game.

Q: What if the player I’m trying to impress says he knows I’m cheating?

A: It’s a bluff.

Q: What if he says he was bluffing?

A: It’s a gambit.

Q: What if he shows evidence?

A: First off, what evidence does he have? Second, divulge at your discretion. It’s a fine way to form a bond.

Q: Should I bribe my server?

A: Absolutely! And be prepared to pay full price for your fake drinks.

Q: What if I get caught cheating?

A: Blame it on the server; a weak pour; anything that deflects away from you.

Q: How will cheating help me to be smarter in a game of trivia?

A: It won’t help you be smarter; it will help you to maintain composure. As everyone else becomes more drunk and makes wild, incorrect guesses, you will refrain, maintain your points, and possibly earn some.

Q: If I’m not drinking, is it worth winning?

A: You’re doing this to win and to impress another player, so yes.

Q: Won’t he realize that I’m not smart once the ploy comes to an end?

A: You’re simply trying to make an impression and win him over.

Q: What else can I do to help me win?

A: Be smarter, study, know your friends and anticipate their questions, know their strengths and weaknesses in order to vary your questions so that one person doesn’t excel and take all your points.

Q: What are the odds of me doing all those thing?

A: Slim – so get ready to cheat.

Q: What do I do on my first date with the guy I’m trying to impress?

A: This isn’t a relationship guide; we have no advice for you.

Q: Do a lot of people use this game to impress people?

A: Yes.

Q: Why?

A: It’s easy to cheat.



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