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23 Weeks; 23 Stories

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23 weeks; 23 stories.

Volume I of the 69 Love Stories Project went into the books last Monday.

It seems improbable that this has so far gone off without a hitch, or at least a noticeable hitch. There were a few close calls, a few tight deadlines, a few experiments that almost didn’t quite pan out (from a logistical standpoint, I mean; you may still argue that some or many didn’t quite pan out).

One-third of the way across this ocean.

Those tight deadlines, those close calls on the weekly productions began to rear their heads in the last couple of months as my creativity began to feel taxed, my fingers not quite so dexterous over the keyboard.

So upon the closing of Volume I, I’ve decided to step away from the 69 Love Stories site for the next few weeks. Take a bit of time to recharge the creativity, to work on the stories at a more reasonable pace, work on a few other writing projects that may make an appearance here someday. I’d like to see Volume II come into the world with a sense of renewed urgency, with a version of the excitement that came with Volume I, brimming with ideas to keep things engaging.

I’ll be gone for a few weeks, back sometime in the beginning of September, and if you’re here as a subscriber or someone following the links on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll know when I’m back. If you’re not a subscriber, just click on the link to follow this blog and you’ll receive an email whenever a new story or update is posted. In the meantime, if you’re interested in contributing to the Project, I’d still love for you to get ahold of me and share your ideas and contributions. Just click on that ‘Contribute’ link at the top of the page and follow the instructions you find there.

I’d also like to say thank you to everyone that’s been coming to this site and that’s been supporting this endeavor. It means a lot to know you’re out there and that I’m writing for someone.

Be back soon.


One More Cup Of Coffee (#23)

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