some fall in love. i shatter.

The City Clock (or, An Enumeration of Jack & Meg Reynolds) (#20)

In Stories Volume 1 on July 16, 2012 at 9:58 am

1 love.

2 people searching for each other.

3 children that’ll change everything about their lives.

4 months trying to get pregnant the first time.

5 grandchildren, but they don’t come along for a very long time.

6 different apartments they live in together before deciding to leave the city and buy a home.

7 years Bianca spends in college before graduating.

8 women that he slept with before meeting her.

9 men that she slept with before meeting him.

10 weeks in the hospital after his car accident.

11 movers working a full day to pack them out of their house the last time they move.

12 dollars for an anniversary cake from the same bakery where they ended their first date.

13 Christmases dressed like Santa Claus.

14 years, approximately, that Kingsley spends in prison for a variety of reasons.

15 fights over the entire course of a remarkably stable marriage.

16 children’s books she publishes during her 60s and 70s, while “retired.”

17 vacations at the beachside rental.

18 years old, Wendy, when she joins the army.

19 companies he refuses to buy from for political reasons.

20 months between their first and second children.

21 degrees outside and snowing when he proposed to her.

22 years in banking before she decided it wasn’t for her.

23 boxes to pack the first time they moved together.

24 thousand dollars on home renovations just before the market collapsed.

25 seconds she waited before saying “I do.”

26 when they married.

27 hundred dollars for the most expensive ring he ever bought.

28 countries they’ll visit, mostly after they retire.

29 years old when have Wendy, their first-born.

30 days after meeting, he told her that he loved her, at a wedding.

31 when they have Kingsley.

32 different campaigns they volunteer for together.

33 weeks between jobs in 2011.

34 marriage counseling sessions while Bianca flails through college and Kingsley does his second stint in prison.

35 thousand dollars per year in undergrad for him to never use his degree.

36 business trips the same year he was let go.

37 flights they take together.

38 when they have Bianca.

39 R 3 SG – the plot number of their shared grave site.

40 weeks to plan their wedding.

41 when she changes careers.

42 states they visit together.

43 when she finally convinces him it’s pronounced ‘supposedly’ and not ‘supposably.’

44 friends invited to their 50th wedding anniversary.

45 when his father dies and his mother moves to an apartment not far from their home.

46 when the cancer scare comes.

47 people at their wedding.

48 weeks dating before they move in together.

49 when the cancer reality comes.

50 days until their first great-grandchild, Monica, is born.


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