some fall in love. i shatter.

Names of the Actors (#2)

In Stories Volume 1 on March 12, 2012 at 7:55 am

VINCENT PALAZZIO: Object of Janet Meyers’ affection; boyfriend of same for thirteen great months; investment banker; smoker; dog lover.

JANET MEYERS: Object of Vincent Palazzio’s affection; girlfriend of same for thirteen wonderful months; interior decorator; runner; dog lover.

MR. SHERBERT: Puggle adopted by couple five months earlier; three-years old; beloved by both owners.

VINCENT PALAZZIO: Unwavering; work-focused; driven; believer in goals and the achievement of same; owner of 15 blue shirts and 15 white shirts, 15 ties, 15 suits, 5 pairs of shoes; believer in order.

JANET MEYERS: Anxious; uncertain of her life-decisions; easily swayed by that which is different; believer in the grass being greener on the other side.

VINCENT PALAZZIO: Frequent assurer that Janet need not compare her focus to his; that it is good to have different types of people in a relationship; that he would not and does not want to date himself; that they would murder each other if it was all focus and no release, all business and no art.

JANET MEYERS: Frightened of the future; alternately frightened of disappointing her parents and pleasing them too much; worried that she doesn’t truly know who she is or should be; worried that Vincent will see through her facade, will need someone more focused than she can be.

JASON VANE: The man that Janet cheated on Vincent with eight months ago; downtown club manager; new apartment owner; client of Janet.

JANET MEYERS: Guilt-ridden girlfriend of Vincent Palazzio; impetuous; easily swayed by emotions; apparently susceptible to men that stand in contrast to her long-term boyfriend, to men that bear some sort of art in their souls.

VINCENT PALAZZIO: In the dark as to Jason Vane.

JASON VANE: In the dark as to Vincent Palazzo.

JANET MEYERS: In the dark as to what she wants.

JASON VANE: Trusting yet unable to contain his suspicions about Janet; works late hours; sleeps mid-morning to mid-afternoon; sees Janet in the late afternoons and early evenings, sometimes the early morning; apartment is near Janet’s office.

JANET MEYERS: Fluctuates between self-loathing and indignation at the situation she’s created ; sometimes thinks that it’s Vincent’s fault; if only he showed her a little more kindness, offered her compliments on her work.

VERONICA ALBAN: Secretary at Fleischmann and Cobb, the investment firm that employs Vincent; freshly graduated from university; first job; young; attractive; particularly friendly with all employees; believes in good impressions; believes that all business is personal; frequent rejector of advances made by those who misinterpret her kindness.

VINCENT PALAZZIO: Somewhat stricken by Veronica during a difficult stretch with Janet; invites her to lunch on numerous occasions; always pleased that she never refuses his offers; more so the day that he saw her pull an uneaten lunch from the refrigerator.

JANET MEYERS: Breaker of Jason’s heart; resolute in her recommitment to Vincent five months ago; rational in thinking that something needed to change to keep them together; irrational in thinking that Mr. Sherbert was both a dog and a solution.

ROBERT ALBAN: Veronica’s father; the man who arrived for a visit one day early; the man who found Vincent, a man twelve years Veronica’s senior, sleeping naked in his daughter’s bed.

VINCENT PALAZZIO: Unaccustomed to fighting; a man who received a black eye and was punched down a flight of stairs, half-naked; a man whose wounds were licked by his dog as he lay sprawled on the couch.

MR. SHERBERT: A frightfully concerned animal; rescued from a violent home, and now this happens to his new family; secretly prefers Veronica over Janet; secretly prefers Robert over Vincent; non-violent but admiring of strength.

JANET MEYERS: A frightfully concerned woman; then a frightfully angry woman; then a frighteningly sad woman; then a woman hurriedly looking for her telephone.

JASON VANE: Secretly in love with Janet; depressive since she left him; wishes she would call; shocked when she does.

VERONICA ALBAN: Apologetic; unsuccessful; alone; newest employee of First Trade Investments.

JANET MEYERS: Object of Jason Vane’s affection; new girlfriend of same for four months.

JASON VANE: Object of Janet Meyers’ affection; new boyfriend of same for four months.

MR. SHERBERT: Object of Vincent Palazzio’s affection.



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